Fat Removal & Skin Tightening with BodyTite

BodyTite Pro is a minimally invasive fat reduction and skin tightening technique that uses radiofrequency energy to destroy fat and firm skin without leaving it wrinkly or saggy. It involves heating the fat and subcutaneous tissues on and underneath the skin to achieve skin tightening and fat reduction. The radiofrequency heat also increases the production of collagen, giving your skin a more youthful appearance.

If you want to determine if you are a good candidate for BodyTite Pro, book an appointment with us now. Contact Juvenessence Medical Aesthetics for superior body contouring, liposuction, liposculpture, radio frequency, and other medical aesthetics procedures.

Everything You Need To Know About BodyTite PRO

BodyTite Pro uses radiofrequency to heat targeted areas in the abdomen, knees, thighs, or other areas for tighter skin and slimmer shape. The procedure can be used alone but is usually combined with liposuction.

If you only want to tighten a small area, our surgeon can perform the procedure using a local anesthetic. Since it is a same-day procedure, you can go back home the same day after the procedure.

BodyTite Pro has a quicker recovery compared to typical body fat reduction procedures. You will notice changes immediately after the process. The final results will be apparent as your tissues continue to heal and more collagen is produced. BodyTite Pro is an alternative to typical plastic surgical procedures, that utilizes only small incisions, so you don’t have to worry about having visible scars in the future.

Benefits of BodyTite Pro

  • BodyTite Pro is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a safe way to get rid of excess body fat.
  • The procedure doesn’t involve large surgical incisions, so you don’t have to worry about large scars.
  • You can see some immediate results, which continue improving over time.
  • BodyTite Pro is more affordable than ordinary invasive body fat reduction surgeries.

Choose Juvenessence – We’re Experts In BodyTite In Pueblo, CO

If you want to get rid of that frustrating excess fat or loose skin, BodyTite Pro is the solution for you. BodyTite Pro’s results can last many years if you continue leading a healthy lifestyle. At Juvenessence Medical Aesthetics, we have quality body contouring procedures to help you regain that slimmer and youthful appearance.

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